Hickson Kipnis & Barnes LLP is a law firm comprised of dynamic attorneys who have obtained training, experience and business expertise both at large national or regional law firms and large California corporate institutions as in-house counsel. This unique combination of large law firm and corporate experience offered in a small firm atmosphere enables our clients to receive the highest quality of legal services in an efficient, objective-oriented and responsive manner. Each Hickson Kipnis & Barnes lawyer brings to his or her practice a high level of sophistication, specialized expertise and creativity coupled with a keen sensitivity to the clients’ overall business and legal situation. Because each of our attorneys has substantial practical experience, our clients have confidence that their matters will be handled by seasoned professionals, rather than be delegated to inexperienced lawyers receiving their training at the clients’ expense. Moreover, given the diversity and breadth of our firm’s experienced lawyers, coupled with the firm’s team-oriented approach to the practice of law, our lawyers are better able to offer quick, practical, creative and efficient solutions to our clients’ legal problems.

As business owners, we also understand the importance of budgeting and projecting our clients’ legal expenses. We encourage our clients to work closely with us to develop fee structures that fit our clients’ particular needs. When the size of the matters warrants, as part of our representation we will prepare detailed budgets for the clients’ approval, closely monitor the budget, and keep the client closely informed as the matter progresses.

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